I can’t say enough wonderful things about Rachel. I had been taking group classes for a little over a year. I had reached the point where I felt I needed private lessons in order to expand my skills and understanding of what I was doing in class. Rachel gently corrected and improved my technique. More importantly, she guided me to do more than I thought I was capable of doing. Rachel listens to my goals and observes my capabilities. She then targets those areas.  I love to garden but sometimes all the stooping and bending was painful.  Since working with Rachel, my back feels so much stronger.  On a more personal note, there is a light that shines so brightly in Rachel, one can’t help but be warmed from the glow of it.  I am so thankful for my teacher and guide, Rachel Wright.

Glenda Potter

I “stumbled” into yoga as a byproduct of my love for pole fitness.  As I started to getting stronger I realized that I needed constant practice in my flexibility to progress to those more challenging moves.  What I got from yoga was not only increased flexibility but also a new awareness of my body that I have never experienced before.  I learned how to find the quiet and calmness in my mind and body to maximize the benefits of my practice.  The conscious effort of breathing and letting go translates into your every day life and I was very surprised to find myself using them in regular situations.  Rachel is extremely knowledgeable and has incredible patience but the most important thing for me is that she knows just how much to push you so you can see the results and start changing your body and mind.

Ruth Lopez

I’ve been to a lot of yoga classes with many different yoga teachers, and while they all have their own styles, Rachel’s is truly one of a kind. She doesn’t just teach yoga, she lives it, letting her love for the craft shine through her with everything sunsalutation. The reason I started private lessons with Rachel is to strengthen my practice, to lock in each pose with precision and to learn how to go deeper, or modify as desired. As a result, I have a stronger practice, have implemented a home practice, and have a greater appreciation for the craft. My favorite part about working with Rachel is that she is not just my instructor, she’s become my friend, and no matter what life may be throwing at me, I always leave feeling calm, happy, and ready for the next challenge.

Sam Potter

For those who are also of the “non flexy by nature” group, this backbend is a big achievement! 3 years ago I could barely push up onto a bridge without my muscle bound back muscles screaming at me. With a lot of patient and progressive work and the wonderful encouragement and teaching skills of Rachel Rose, my yogi, I am still making big strides in my flexibility. I would not want to live my life without backbends, they are restorative, empowering and keep the spine young and graceful.

Aimee Levesque

Where do I start with this lovely lady!!!!! I have been taking private lesson with Rachel for a little over one year. I appreciate how she tailors each lesson for me and what my body is feeling at the moment. She has the right poses selected and modifies the flow between them accordingly.  Also, she has encouraged my breath to get out of its stagnant, stressed-out, and constricted pattern.  Rachel is very hands on which I really appreciate. It really helps me to open up even more fully and deeply. I am stronger and happier and I always feel so good afterwards. Rachel is one of the most brilliant, knowledgeable, graceful, and gifted guides I have ever been blessed to meet each week. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone who wants a one on one amazing yoga experience.

Amy See

One of my biggest challenges I faced before working with Rachel was finding a coach who had the knowledge and ability to take my flexibility to a higher level.  I grew up figure skating competitively and have a pretty extensive dance and flexibility background.  Over the last several years, I have found a passion for “contortion” style stretching.  While I was certainly making significant progress alone, I could only take myself so far.  I knew I had to find a coach who could help me reach my goals and more importantly, keep my safe while doing so.  I feel very fortunate to have found Rachel.  I always feel comfortable and training with her.  She is very intuitive and knows when I can take a posture further but also when I should pull back.  Most importantly, she is a pleasure to work with and always keeps it fun and light.
I have seen solid progress in my flexibility.  Prior to training with Rachel, I would focus mostly on my “comfort zone” and spend the most time on the stretches that came easily to me (back bending).  Rachel has encouraged me to focus on other areas, such as hip openers and unique shoulder stretches.  This has definitely enhanced my practice.
If you are looking for a patient, kind, dedicated instructor to take your practice to the next level, please consider training with Rachel.  She has an extensive knowledge of the body and can help you transform your practice.  She is advanced enough to train seasoned veterans but patient and compassionate enough to work with beginners.

Amanda Anne

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